Cycle to Work Alliance, 80 Petty France, London SW1H 9EX

The Cycle to Work Alliance is a policy coalition of four of the leading providers of the cycle to work scheme, including Cyclescheme, Cycle Solutions, Evans Cycles and Halfords.

We have come together to promote the benefits of cycling to work in terms of health, the environment and employee engagement, and to increase awareness of the contribution the scheme makes.

The scheme helps increase the number of people making the journey to work by bike. More people cycling to work will improve public health, contribute to a more sustainable transport system, and make people more productive once they get to work.

Over 1 million employees have participated in the scheme to date showing that it is a proven mechanism for getting people onto their bikes. A national policy tool available in all regions of the United Kingdom, the scheme helps incorporate physical activity into busy lifestyles in an affordable way.

If you're interested in offering the scheme as an employer, or want to find out how you can join as an employee, contact one of our members directly. For stakeholder or media inquiries, please contact the Alliance on


"The  Cycle to Work scheme makes an important contribution to the government's commitment to encouraging commuter cycling for short urban journeys, and to doubling the number of trips by bike. Its success has been demonstrated consistently over the last decade both in attracting new people to everyday cycling, and in its impact on the economic sustainability of the many small independent cycle retailers across England."

Philip Darnton OBE, Executive Director, Bicycle Association


“British Cycling wants Britain to become a cycling nation and the cycle to work scheme makes an important contribution to that aim. Anything that gets people cycling to work is a good thing and access to a bicycle, alongside dedicated space on our roads, is one of the main barriers. More people cycling to work means less congestion on the road, improved public health, a more productive workforce and a reduced carbon emissions."

Martin Key, Campaigns Manager, British Cycling


“Through our Cycle Friendly Employer Award scheme, Cycling Scotland is committed to encouraging more people to cycle to work.  The Cycle to Work scheme is a great way of doing that and we recognise the important role it plays for employers who wish to support their staff in choosing to commute actively”.

Cycling Scotland