The Cycle to Work Alliance is a coalition of the five largest providers of the Cycle to Work scheme: Cyclescheme, Cycle Solutions, Evans Cycles, Halfords and Vivup. We represent around 80% of the Cycle to Work scheme market and since 2010 have worked collaboratively to highlight the many benefits of regularly cycling to work.

As providers, we help employers to unlock active travel for employees through bikes. Over the past ten years, Alliance members have enabled over 2 million people to participate to cycle to work.

Providers also offer support and practical advice to employers to help administer the scheme. This can include buddy systems, mechanical support and route advice.

  • Over 2m

    Scheme users to date


    The Alliance represents 80% of scheme users

    Over 2/3

    Scheme users see it as more important after Covid-19

Cycle to Work scheme providers play an important role in simplifying the process for employers – including handling all of the administrative burden so employers can focus on the benefits. Through a scheme provider like the Alliance members, employers normally only need to complete a short application before their staff can begin the process of cycling to work.

Our members also go beyond simply helping employers to setup the scheme, but work with them to become cycle-friendly employers that embed a cycle to work culture in the workplace.

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