The Cycle to Work Alliance and the Association of Cycle Traders have identified common areas of interest around Cycle to Work reform. Both parties are committed to working together to drive forward positive change opening up Cycle to Work to more people and to grow the cycle market for all.

The Cycle to Work Alliance and Association of Cycle Traders held positive and productive discussions on the contribution of the scheme, the views of independent bike retailers and the collective support for reform.

Both organisations are united in recognising that the scheme plays an important role in the cycle market which has faced a challenging time following the pandemic. Improving and growing the market to support retailers, scheme providers and prospective cyclists is what collectively drives us and our priorities for reform.

As we look to the next 25 years of the Cycle to Work Scheme, we want to go further to break down barriers to cycle commuting by:

  1. Unlocking the scheme for those on low incomes, National Minimum Wage and the self-employed to ensure equitable access to cycling.
  2. Working with the government and industry to simplify and minimise administrative barriers, making it easy and attractive for organisations to offer and employees to utilise the scheme.

The Cycle to Work Alliance and its individual members will continue to engage with the Association of Cycle Traders on the experience of independent bike retailers to ensure the scheme works for everyone. The Alliance and Association of Cycle Traders are committed to working together in our shared interests and look forward to ongoing discussions about the scheme, its contribution and how it can be taken forward for all.

Chris Last, Chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance

Jonathan Harrison, Director of the Association of Cycle Traders

Following the publication of the Government’s Plan for Drivers this week, the Alliance has responded urging policymakers to lower the barriers to cycling and ensure everyone can choose the best way to travel for them:

“The public should be able to choose the best way to travel around for them, but too often barriers, including safety, security and confidence, prevent many people from considering cycling. Local government should be supported to lower those hurdles to ensure as many people as possible can cycle if they want to.

Cycling is a fantastic method of transport, including for getting to and from work, for millions of people across the country. Not only are increased rates of cycling better for local air quality and an easy way of increasing physical activity for a range of health benefits, but cycling is nearly always far cheaper than the alternatives.

The Cycle to Work Alliance believes that cycling should be for everyone and the support provided to achieve this is essential. Government has a critical role to play and should focus on working with authorities to remove barriers in the way of potential cyclists.”

“As Chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance, I am delighted to celebrate the 12th anniversary of ‘Cycle to Work Day’ and reflect on the important role the Cycle to Work Scheme has played in driving positive behaviour change in modal shift.

For nearly 25 years, the Cycle to Work Scheme has been a proven catalyst in encouraging cycling activity among employees, enabling them to save up to 42% on the cost of a new bike and significantly reduce their annual commuting expenses.

Amidst the dual cost-of-living and climate crises,  finding a low-cost,  clean and active commute to work has never been so important, with uptake in the Cycle to Work Scheme surging by over 10% in the first half of 2023 compared to 2022.” – Chris Last, Chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance


The Cycle to Work Alliance is thrilled to announce the appointment of Chris Last as its new Chair, marking a momentous occasion as the Cycle to Work Scheme celebrates its 25th year.

Chris, an ardent advocate for greener and healthier commuting options, brings a wealth of experience in the employee benefit industry and a lifelong passion for cycling. Hailing from a mining town in the Swansea Valleys, Chris developed a love for cycling at a young age. In the mid-90s, he championed cycling to work with his daily paper rounds on his trusted Raleigh Activator, equipped with front shock absorbers. His dedication to cycling continued throughout his life and in his current role as Commercial and Strategy Director at wellbeing and employee benefits provider, Vivup.

Chris firmly believes in the power of sustainable and inclusive employee benefits, with a strong emphasis on promoting a Cycle to Work scheme that provides affordable travel alternatives and encourages a healthier lifestyle. His vision aligns perfectly with the Alliance’s mission of fostering a greener and more active workforce while supporting businesses in implementing sustainable commuting solutions.

Commenting on his new role, Chris said, “My objectives in this role are simple. I want every business in the UK to offer a Cycle to Work Scheme, increase participation, and I want to remove the barriers stopping people from cycling to work regularly, which include secure storage in towns and cities and improved infrastructure that enables safer cycling between destinations.”

As we celebrate a landmark 25 years of the Cycle to Work Scheme, the Alliance has made significant headway in recent years, advocating for the benefits of cycle commuting and helping over 2 million people access affordable, green, and active travel.

In the year ahead, the Alliance wants to continue building on recent successes by widening access to the scheme and growing its relevance and impact among policymakers. This will include forging new partnerships across the sustainable travel industry and positioning cycle commuting as one of the best methods for employees getting to and from work.

The Cycle to Work Alliance expresses its gratitude to outgoing Chair, Adrian Warren, Blackhawk Network, and extends its warmest welcome to Chris Last, confident that under his leadership, the Alliance will continue to advance its mission and positively impact the lives of employees, businesses and the planet.

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