Following the publication of the Government’s Plan for Drivers this week, the Alliance has responded urging policymakers to lower the barriers to cycling and ensure everyone can choose the best way to travel for them:

“The public should be able to choose the best way to travel around for them, but too often barriers, including safety, security and confidence, prevent many people from considering cycling. Local government should be supported to lower those hurdles to ensure as many people as possible can cycle if they want to.

Cycling is a fantastic method of transport, including for getting to and from work, for millions of people across the country. Not only are increased rates of cycling better for local air quality and an easy way of increasing physical activity for a range of health benefits, but cycling is nearly always far cheaper than the alternatives.

The Cycle to Work Alliance believes that cycling should be for everyone and the support provided to achieve this is essential. Government has a critical role to play and should focus on working with authorities to remove barriers in the way of potential cyclists.”

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